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Our catalogue of musical theatre has been sourced from various composers and writers, either having been seen by us in production or read through our submission process. We've selected a few here that maybe more relevant to professional directors and producers. We've shown the estimated state of development of each musical to allow you to consider this depending on whether you want a commercially nearly-ready piece, or one that needs some creative directorial input.


Clicking a link will take you to the relevant page on our general website for more information, and to download a preview script. If you find a piece that interests you, please contact us for a complementary script, PV score and royalty quotation.

Book, Music & Lyrics by Ian Hammond Brown

Principals 3m, 2f Support : 3m, 3f  plus an ensemble

From being the son of a poor weaver in Dunfermline, Scotland, to being the richest man in the world living at one of the most exclusive addresses in New York City., this is the rags to riches story of Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate and the founding father of strategic philanthropy. But there’s a twist... you don’t get to be the richest man in the world without some controversy in your life. In his final two hours on earth, Andrew Carnegie must prove that his soul is worth redemption.

Book by Ronnie Verheyen. Edith Piaf and other music by their respective composers.

Minimum Cast Size : 5m, 6f, 1f-jnr
A life-telling story about the French singer Edith Piaf seen through the eyes of her little known about half-sister, Simone. What does it mean for Simone to live in the shadow of an icon, to endure her tempers, to depend on her, emotionally as well as financially? All this combined with the strong conviction, perhaps even envy, that with a little bit of luck she could have been in Edith’s place.

by Sir Compton Mackenzie, adapted by Shona McKee McNeil and Ian Hammond Brown

Principals : 7m, 3f     Support : 5m, 6f (plus Chorus)
This marvellous new musical is based on the true story of what happened (with a bit of artistic licence) when a ship containing 50,000 cases of whisky runs aground on a remote Scottish island in 1943. Adapted from Compton Mackenzie's novel, this musical has had two very successful productions at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in 2009 and 2011.

by Euan Martin, Dave Smith and James Bryce

Set in and around a distillery in the fictional Highland location of Glenigma (via brief visits to New York and Tokyo), the distillery stands on the brink of closure. Run into the ground through the gambling debts of its now deceased owner, it has fallen to his daughter, Mary McGregor, to try to provide some kind of soft landing for the staff who stand to lose their jobs. Her solution is to put the company’s prize possession, a century-old bottle of the Glenigma, up for auction. Cue a face-off between Ben Munro, a rich Scots-American businessman from Manhattan, and young Mr Yomo, sent to Scotland by his ailing father, the greatest whisky collector in Japan.

This musical was runner up in Cameron Mackintosh's 2005 'Highland Quest' (the search for a Scottish musical), it was subsequently produced a number of times, and latterly had a very successful production at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in their 2014 summer season. 

by Chris Burgess and Denise Wright

Winner : S&S Award 2012 ... Principals : 4m, 4f   Support : 4m, 5f [Development State: 95% complete]Grace abandons her life in Manhattan and moves to the secluded seaside town of Ennismuck in the West of Ireland. As soon as she arrives though she clashes with a mining corporation buying up properties and decimating the land. Grace campaigns to save Ennismuck, and starts a prickly relationship with truculent local artist, Mulcahy. Both ventures prove to be perilous, but Grace manages to topple the mining company's monopoly, and, eventually, thaws Mulcahy’s frozen heart. By the end she has arrived at a place she can truly call home - that being underlying ethos of the show. An ambitious large-scale show, it has an ensemble that could consist of an entire Irish village. It is set in the present day, but in the backwaters of Ireland, so although it is contemporary it has strong links with an ancient past. The Irish-American score is lyrical and passionately rhythmic. This musical has been through a number of development stages in Seattle, Los Angeles and London (twice). The book and score are well-honed, and it is now looking for a sympathetic producer.

by Max Kinnings, Matthew James and Nick Hale

Principals : 2m, 2f Support : 2f [Development State: 60% complete]This hard-hitting story is about a man going off the rails at the mercy of a mass of addictions. Ben is hooked on alcohol, cocaine and sex and it turns his world upside down. Under pressure to be successful from his wife, Emma, Ben throws himself into his work. Working late in media-land he gets drawn into an intoxicating world of thrill-seeking. Stoked up on success, coke, champagne, hookers and hangers-on, he starts to think he's invincible and steadily loses touch with his own identity. In the process, he ruins a business and the lives of the two very different women that have fallen for him.

by Stephanie Jayne Amies

Nominated : 'Best Music' and 'Best New Musical', Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011Principals : 3m, 4f Support : 2m, 1f, 1m/f [Development State: 75% complete]Lillia is an innovative new musical with a dark centre that explores the depths of a rare psychological disorder, its affect on its victim and the impact it has on ordinary lives. It considers the human mind as both a person’s best friend and their worst enemy while constantly blurring the line between fantasy and reality. With its inspired writing and achingly beautiful music, Lillia provides a surprisingly accurate and heartfelt representation of multiple personality disorder that leaves you wondering to what extent you can trust your own mind.


by Stephen Humfress and Andy Rapps

Principals : 3m, 2f    Support : 2m, 1f, 1m/f    plus chorus [Development State: 95% complete]
Quasimodo is an exciting and dramatic sung-through musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s tragic tale of the unfortunate hunchback and his unrequited love for the beautiful gypsy girl Esmeralda. Set amidst the fear, poverty and superstition of 15th century France this show has an epic quality that is hugely satisfying for principals, chorus and audience alike.

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