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Titles for Professional Theatre Makers

Our Catalogue


In curating the titles in our catalogue we try to balance the needs of the wider marketplace with those of the professional producer. As a British company we favour 'home grown' work  (especially musicals) but we don't exclude international items.

About Us


We're a small theatrical publisher and rights-holder with a growing catalogue that has been curated to include out-of-the-box commercially viable titles as well as those that need a director to be more creative and to explore the piece.



For plays we provide a balanced catalogue of titles ranging from family-friendly comedy to edgy contemporary drama, with all shades of styles and content in between. For musicals, we attempt to fill the void between the 'big boys' and most other suppliers who consider musicals to be 'too difficult'.

Get in touch


On this website, you'll find a selection of titles that we feel might find some resonance with you, but if nothing takes your fancy, give us a call, or email us - we'd love to have a chat!

Stagescripts Ltd is an independent publisher and rights-holder for the works of mostly contemporary 
writers and composers of musical theatre and drama, serving adventurous producers

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